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“Nostalgia is a potent phenomenon,” states Artoffact Records as the prominent label gears up for the latest release from Front Line Assembly side project Noist Unit. Inspired by the literary works of noted sci-fi author William Gibson, Cheeba City Blues sees Bill Leeb examining the stylistic differences in retro and modern electro/EBM and industrial, first evidenced by the introductory “Alone Again” single, and now by the follow-up “Dub It Up.” In contrast to the melodic and ambient proto-techno thrust of the previous track, “Dub It Up” takes on – as its title suggests – a more contemporary dubstep vibe with the infusion of glitch-laden breaks, percolating synths, and warbling bass amid atmospheric swells, showcasing more of the programming and compositional skill of the late Jeremy Inkel. “Dub It Up” can be streamed on Spotify, while both singles can be previewed on Bandcamp, where Cheeba City Blues is available for pre-order in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. The album is due for release on October 21 via Artoffact Records


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