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Who would imagine that a ’90s alt. rock song about a breakup could become an anthem for the goth/industrial scene to rally support for a country in the midst of war? Well, Sounds & Shadows did, with today’s release of “Inside Out,” covered by Thieve6. What began as a running gag on the prominent community message boards became a labor of love, with members of Kalamazoo’s Amaranth and Chicago’s The Joy Thieves joining forces to create a rendition of the 1998 alt. rock hit. The band consists of Amaranth vocalist (and Sounds & Shadows guru) Ken Magerman, Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves, Mary’s Window, The Burying Kind) on drums and synths, James Scott (The Joy Thieves) on bass, and guitar duties shared among Milligan, Damien Faust, and Collin Schipper, with Myah VanTil providing backing vocals; production was also shared among the band members, with Milligan mixing, Scott mastering and sharing engineering duties with Schipper.

All proceeds from the single to be donated to Razom For Ukraine, a charity devoted to building a prosperous democratic nation through the power of community; the charity was personally selected by Myah VanTil, who having lived in the country for some time and working in Peace Corps Ukraine, expressed her enthusiasm and trust for the organization. “Inside Out” is available now as a $1.00 digital-only single on Bandcamp, with the band asking that people pay more if they are able to support; also to help raise funds, the band is offering as additional merch items the 3D printed tanks created by photographer and cover artist Whitney Flaherty (Anarchic Apertures), available in three sizes: small = $20, medium = $35, and large = $50. Each of the three tank sizes also includes a free download of “Inside Out.”
Written by Eve 6 vocalist/bassist Max Collins, the original song was the band’s breakout single from the self-titled debut released in 1998. In December of 2020, the song found new life on Twitter with the question of “Do you like the ‘Heart in a Blender’ song?” (referencing the song’s lyrics and single cover image) becoming a veritable meme.


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