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Massive Ego celebrates the "malfunctioned" with third full-length album
With a sound that infuses darkly industrial textures and gothic tones into a decidedly electro-pop style, Massive Ego has announced its third full-length album, Church For the Malfunctioned, will be a harsher and angrier affair. Referring to themselves and their audience as “‘malfunctioned’ or weird in the eyes of mainstream society” due to the dark, gothic outlook, vocalist Marc Massive states that this album is to “celebrate this lifestyle rather than preying to fake Gods,” further commenting that “Where the first album was a tentative toe dipped into the dark scene, this album sees us plunging in head first and swimming.” With a release date of April 26 via Out of Line Music, Church For the Malfunctioned will be released in a standard CD and T-shirt bundle, as well as in a limited edition digipak that includes an exclusive remix CD; among the remixers are BlutEngel, Solar Fake, Agonoize, The Horrorist, and more. Preceding the album’s release on April 12 will be the album’s first single, “Digital Heroin,” along with its accompanying music video. Massive Ego will also be performing live throughout the year, appearing at such festivals as Hexentanz in Losheim, Germany on April 28, Amphi Festival in Köln, Germany on July 20, and the Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna, Austria on November 8; a full listing of live dates can be found on the band’s website.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. Lili says:

    I’m massive fan and looking forward to the new album realease :-)

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