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Musician, producer, businessman, and educator Martin Atkins has announced that he wil be conducting online classes as part of his ongoing Tour:Smart series, supported by Millikin University. The classes will cover a full range of topics – from basics to case studies – with the goal to help enable students to “learn, strategize, think, talk, and prepare for when things are back to a new normal, whatever that might be,” all drawing from Atkins’ extensive experience as a professional touring musician. With the waitlist now open, the classes are a free online event which will encompass a free download of Tour:Smart, Zoom sessions, discussions, and more; in addition, options to earn college credit and a possible scholarship at Millikin University will be available at the end of the class, which Atkins estimates at eight-to-12 weeks.


Martin Atkins
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Website, Twitter, YouTube
Millikin University
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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