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Drawing on the last year-and-a-half of solitude as a source of emotive inspiration, dark electro duo MAN1K1N has unveiled a new single, titled ‘Don’t Let Me Try.” Produced by the band and mastered by the renowned Tom Baker, the song shows Christian Carver and Johnny E. Veil addressing the feelings of anguish and suicidal ideation experienced by many during the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns; “We wanted this song to speak to that without glorifying an end,” MAN1K1N explains, “or without being overly direct,” preferring to approach what has become a thematic trope in the genre with “heavy familiarity” in an effort to have listeners “draw their own conclusions and inspire conversation.” With a visualizer clip also available to view, “Don’t Let Me Try” was released on Friday, October 1, available to purchase/stream via Bandcamp. The single marks the band’s first new release since the Into the Wounds EP released in November of 2020; the single also marks the duo’s fourth overall, following the 2018 “Anthropophobia” debut and 2019’s “Now Your Wounds Are Getting Larger.” Additionally, MAN1K1N will be performing as a headliner at the Endless Nights Vampire Ball in Salem, MA on October 16.



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