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Four years after the band’s Digital Scars debut, Pennsylvania industrial/metal duo Malice Machine has unveiled the new album Chemical Violence. With a decidedly cold and mechanical production sound to mirror the lyrical themes of the darker aspects of human nature, the album has the distinction of featuring the mixing and production talents of John Bechdel (MINISTRY, False Idols, Ascension of the Watchers) on the tracks “Dead Circuit” and “Restrict,” with a lo-fi music video for the latter track released the day after the album; Bechdel also recorded and mixed the opening track, “Prototype.” According to drummer Ammo, the album began as a continuation of Digital Scars, “but quickly evolved into a more electronic driven, rhythmic Industrial project with guitar being a lesser element.” Consequently, Chemical Violence is both brooding and danceable, “retro and post-style.” The album concludes with a rendition of Gary Numan’s “Down in the Park,” with Malice Machine referring to theirs as a “mutated version to appease his greatness.” Chemical Violence was released on Friday, July 16 and is available digitally on Bandcamp.



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