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Based in London, German artist Madil Hardis has been steadily building her repertoire with the release of such notable singles as “Long After You’re Gone,” “Carry Me Away,” “Slow Kill,” and “Rescue Me,” as well as working with the likes of Nature of Wires, Ashbury Heights, and Mondträume. Now, she has revealed her rendition of Rammstein’s “Zeit” single, breaking the song down to an ethereal and vulnerable procession that revels in the haunting grandeur of Hardis’ voice; while not skimping on the German industrial/metal sextet’s penchant for bombast and pomp, the primarily piano-driven song exhibits a somber, almost mournful tone befitting the lyrics – “this song talks about the transience of all being, death and life, and how we perceive it and cope with it as humans,” the artist explains. Accompanying the song is a video shot by Mathias Falcone, the black & white imagery matching the austerity of Hardis’ cover, which is available to stream.

Though hardly the sort of banger one expects of an introductory single, Rammstein revealed the song this past March to signal the arrival of the band’s eighth studio album, Zeit, released on April 29; the album was written and recorded in the midst of the lockdowns from September 2020 to February 2021, with the cover image exhibiting a photograph of Rammstein shot by Canadian pop/rock star Bryan Adams. The band subsequently embarked on the much delayed stadium tour in North America, with plans to once again conduct a stadium tour of Europe throughout 2023. Further information can be found on the band’s website. Zeit is available in CD and vinyl formats


Madil Hardis
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Website, Webstore, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
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