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Following the release of Conquest 3000 this past July, Zwaremachine founder Mach FoX has unveiled a new single under his solo moniker, titled “Hollow Moons.” Recorded during the Conquest 3000 sessions, the song showcases a more melodic yet doom-laden sound more appropriate to FoX’s sci-fi/horror themes; as such, the song presents a dystopian theme of a ravaged future in which the wealthy depart the ruins of Earth for the greener pastures of other worlds, the “Hollow Moons.” The single marks the first material released under Mach FoX’s name since the collaborative “Smile that Killed a Country” single with I Ya Toyah in early 2019, with the music video having made its premiere via Darker Side of Music the day before the single’s October 1 release; as an outtake from the Zwaremachine album sessions, the song was co-written and arranged by bassist Dbot, with drummer Dein Offizier also appearing on the track. Conquest 3000 was released on July 17 via Phage Tapes.




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