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It has been a busy year for Mach FoX as 2021 saw the release of the Conquest 3000 album from his band Zwaremachine, compounded by the “Hollow Moons” single under his own solo moniker. Now, he and Australian musician Craig Saunders (Novakill, Nova State Machine) have revealed The Haunted The Hunted EP under the banner of Fox Nova Project; released on October 27 via Shoknova Records, the EP presents four collaborative tracks written and produced by Saunders and FoX, showcasing a blend of the two musicians’ own styles of EBM-laced yet darkly melodic electro/industrial – the pair describes the project as “Time warped, supercharged, nightmares and lucid dreams, not defined in black and white or color.” In addition to the EP, a promo visualizer for “Sound Off” is now available to view on YouTube.



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