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Lycia returns to Projekt Records to release latest album
One of the darkwave scene’s most eminent groups, Lycia celebrates its thirtieth year with a new album, In Flickers. With this album, which marks Lycia’s fourth of the second era that began in 2010, Lycia returns to Projekt Records, having last appeared on the label with 2002’s Tripping Back into the Broken Days. Beginning life with Mike VanPortfleet writing a series of solo acoustic tracks, later augmented by the collaborative elements of David Galas and John Fair, the direction of In Flickers explores new sonic territories while hearkening back to the emotive atmospheres of Lycia’s ’90s material, topped off by the ethereal vocals of Tara VanFlower. “I’ve often found myself revisiting the lost and nearly forgotten times of my youth and all the disruptions that corrupted my path,” VanPortfleet states of the album’s direction in bridging the old and new sound, speaking about his advancing years and experience life as a father and seeing things through the eyes of his son. He further speaks of the collaborative process, with Fair having VanPortfleet adding guitar to his synth compositions taking the latter “back to the feel of our collaborations from the ’80s and stirred up so much nostalgia.” The process was repeated with Galas, all culminating in the album adding “a new feel to the established Lycia sound.” In Flickers is now available for pre-order via the Projekt Records website and Bandcamp in digital format, a CD edition limited to 1,000, and white with black splatter and black with white splatter vinyl each limited to 150. The album will be released on October 26.


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