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Portuguese synthpop artist Luis Vilbro has been honing his writing and production skills since childhood, with the fruits of his long labor soon to culminate in the forthcoming Floro Malfermita album. From that record comes the new single, “Burning Desire,” which Vilbro calls “one of the most cheerful” songs he has written, belying is emotional themes about a complicated relationship; still seeing each other regularly despite having lost interest, “There came a time when the person would ask me out and I’d say I was too busy, but one day, I woke up with a strong desire to be with said person.”

Drawing from a diverse range of influences, Vilbro has been steadily releasing music since 2015, including several full-length albums, EPs, and standalone singles. “Burning Desire” was released today, November 24, while a release date for Floro Malfermita has not yet been announced; the album follows up on the Instrumental Portraits collection released on October 30.


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