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Blending aspects of alt. rock, emo/pop, and heavy electronics, Lowborn has been steadily making waves since its 2018 inception, with “Light Me Up” as the band’s latest single. Produced by lead vocalist Wes Lauterbach with guitarist Zane Frye, the single sees the band collaborating with Hope Vista of New York dark alt. rock act VISTA; the results are a song that Lauterbach describes as, “about taking the negative energy people throw your way and using it as a fuel to burn even brighter and go even further, just to spite them.” “Light Me Up” is now available to stream via Spotify and Apple Music, with Lowborn also launching a giveaway merch package via Instagram.


Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube
Ilker YĆ¼cel (Ilker81x)

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