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Valerie Forgione first earned recognition as the lead vocalist for indie rock act Mistle Thrush, with Lovina Falls now seeing her move toward moodier and more baroque alt. pop sounds. Following the release of her debut album this past spring is the music video for “Vaulted,” which marks the second single from the record; directed by Joan Hathaway, “Vaulted” was shot in various locations throughout New England, including the famed Ponyhenge in Massachusettes, showcasing a distinct influence from artist and filmmaker David Lynch. One of the darker cuts from Calculating the Angle of our Descent, the visuals complement the song’s themes of defensively turning the tables against having been mesmerized and swindled; “It is a circus of trickery,” Forgione explains, “where the unusual becomes linked through illusion and showmanship.”

“Vaulted” follows the “On Your Side” single, with both tracks featured on Calculating the Angle of our Descent; produced by Lovina Falls and David Minehan, and released on May 27, the album is now available digitally via Bandcamp.


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