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Although generally sticking to an industrial/metal and dark rock framework, Lord of the Lost has never allowed itself to be pigeonholed to a single style. As such, “The Heartbeat of the Devil” sees the band infusing ’80s pop and synthwave visuals into their trademark cinematic and epic sound; as the latest single from 2021’s Judas, the EP presents the song in two distinct forms, with the closing piano version further solidifying Lord of the Lost’s more atmospheric sensibilities. In addition, The Heartbeat of the Devil EP features three cover tracks, recorded in spontaneous fashion by the band as the result of the “unplanned free time” due to the pandemic – the first of which, a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Judas,” bearing no relation to the current album other than the coincidental sharing of the title. The second sees the group covering “Children of the Damned,” originally written by legendary heavy metal act Iron Maiden, with whom Lord of the Lost will be embarking on the Legacy of the Beast tour this summer. The last cover sees the band taking on Hedwig and the Angry Inch with a cover of “Wig in a Box,” with the band commenting that “if you don’t know the movie musical, you should definitely change that!”

The Heartbeat of the Devil EP will be released on May 6 via Napalm Records in digital and CD formats, with pre-orers available on Bandcamp and the Napalm Records webstore. The EP follows the Judas album released in July of 2021, a deluxe edition later appearing on New Years eve. This past March, Lord of the Lost released “Not My Enemy” as a response to the conflict in Ukraine.

Subsequent to the band’s supporting stint for Iron Maiden, Lord of the Lost will conduct a Homecoming tour of Europe with Nachtblut and Scarlet Dorn throughout October and November, with a series of festival appearances scheduled throughout the year; among the festivals the band will be apearing at at Plage Noire, Castle Rock, M’era Luna, Leyendas del Rock, and Nacht der Helden. A full listing of forthcoming live dates, including the Legacy of the Beast tour with Iron Maiden, can be found on the Lord of the Lost website.


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