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Never a band to remain idle for very long, German quintet Lord of the Lost has announced the release of its seventh studio album, titled Judas, preceded by the single and music video for “Priest.” Of the video, the band explains that the visual concept is open to interpretation while holding true to Judas‘ themes of delving into a visual world that symbolically represents “the emotional tension of the figure of Judas Iscariot.” Appearing as the protagonist is Xelanah as a representation of “the inner conflict of good and evil,” with the group explaining that the role will appear in future videos to tie the album together in an emotional audio/visual package; “Priest” was partially shot in August 2020 in the Einhornhöhle (“Unicorn Cave”), directed and edited by Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani and Chiara Cerami for VDPictures.

As stated, the expansive double album draws on the titular Biblical figure and challenging the traditional view of Judas Iscariot as a symbol of betrayal; the group explains, “If you take a closer look, almost endless possibilities of interpretation open up here: from ‘Judas the murderer’ to ‘Judas the redeemer’ and ‘Judas the actual martyr,’ who, if you believe in it, could only find room in hell for his salvific betrayal after dying for what he did, in complete contrast to Jesus Christ.”
Album CoverJudas follows up on 2018’s Thornstar, due for release on July 2 via Napalm Records; pre-orders for the record are available now in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, including a deluxe box set limited to 1,500 copies, as well as a four-disc earbook limited to 500 copies, and cassettes limited to 100 copies. The box set includes a documentary DVD on the making of the album, along with the additional CD The Sorrows of the Young, showcasing songs written by Lord of the Lost founder and front man Chris Harms at the age of 18, and the LOTL+ collection of covers and reinterpretations of Lord of the Lost’s music; among those featured on LOTL+ are Scarlet Dorn Lacrimosa, Megaherz, Nachtblut, Solar Fake, Soulbound, Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy, Diamond Black, PIG), Erk Aicrag (Hocico, Rabia Sorda), and Saku Solin (Turmion Kätilöt).


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