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Having become a staple of the German dark rock scene over the last decade, Lord of the Lost now celebrates with an anniversary edition of the band’s 2010 Fears debut. Founded by Chris Harms following his tenure in bands like Philiae, Big Boy, and The Pleasures, the project began as a neaw outlet for ideas that did not fit with any other band, with Fears created primarily on low budget recording equipment and minimal gear in Harms’ Berlin-Friedrichshain flat. “I was newly in love and spent my days off in Berlin,” Harms explains, “But that also meant that I had a lot of time alone in this unfamiliar city, while my new girlfriend was at work during the day. So I started to write an album for her,” with the “Dry the Rain” single becoming one of Lord of the Lost’s best known songs, alongside other melancholy favorites like “Till Death Us Do Part” and “To Die For.” Six bonus tracks are included with the record – four demos from 2008, and the two-part “The Eyes of Love Are Blind.”
Album CoverThe 10th Anniversary Edition of Fears was released today, November 13, via Out of Line Music in CD digipak and a two-LP creme white vinyl edition, both available via the label’s webstore, along with a special edition that includes a cassette version and a totebag; also available via Out of Line is the original 2010 edition of Fears, while the album can be purchased digitally via Bandcamp.


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