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Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Lord of the Lost has proven that the band is neither prone to sitting still for any length of time nor unwilling to experiment beyond the confines of industrial/metal. As such, the group has teamed up with fellow Hamburg rabble rousers Swiss & Die Andern – a.k.a. SUDA – for a new strictly limited 7-inch vinyl single, “Schwarz Tot Gold” (“Black Death Gold”); the resulting merger of dark rock and punk rap marks an unprecedented contrast of styles in German music, the title referring to the colors of the country’s flag. With SUDA calling the single a unique and groundbreaking experiment for the two well established bands, Lord of the Lost front man Chris Harms explains that “Schwarz Tot Gold” was “born out of the necessity to open your mouth.” The song’s lyrics are doused in irony and take a critical stab at “capitalist establishment and suppression of the vulnerable,” the blending of styles embodying the dichotomy of social and political issues; Harms goes on to state further that, “In Germany, where splinter groups are spreading insanity and are actually talking about ‘Corona dictatorship’ and lack of freedom in the course of pandemic measures, we would like to draw attention to the real problems that have grown up over the years and that move this country – or slow it down.” The corresponding music video was directed by Martin Fischer and Lee Maas, carrying the introductory disclaimer that some may find the video’s content “arousing.”

Album Cover“Schwarz Tot Gold” is currently available digitially via Bandcamp, with the 7-inch vinyl to be released on September 19 via Napalm Records; pre-orders for the vinyl single are available now. In addition, Lord of the Lost will be returning to German stages in 2021 for the Ensemble Tour in support of the Swan Songs III classical album; spanning five dates in April, the tour will feature Rain Diary as the support act, with a full listing of dates on the band’s website.


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