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Like many bands in 2020, longstanding dark rock act London After Midnight had an active live schedule deariled by the COVID-19 pandemic as festivals and touring dates throughout Europe, the U.K., Mexico, and the U.S. were necessarily shutdown. As a result, the band took advantage of the less-than-ideal circumstances in an effort to capture a live concert experience, creating Live From Isolation. Marking London After Midnight’s first “live” record, the album was created via online meetings, with each of the band members – vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Sean Brennan, guitarist David Lawrie, bassist Michael Areklatt, and drummer Pete Pace – separated by long distances and performing and recording this first volume of 10 songs in their home studios as they would in an actual concert; in addition, the musicians took video footage of their performances, available to view via London After Midnight’s social media pages. Live From Isolation also features six rare radio promos and commercials from the early ’90s, including one from Los Angeles’ KROQ radio station in 1991 for the Selected Scenes From the End of the World debut. The “live” album was mixed by Brennan and Lawrie, with mastering by Andy Wilson, and will be released on January 12 in CD and digital formats, which can be purchased via Bandcamp. A new studio album, titled Oddities Too, was originally scheduled to be released in Autumn 2020, but has now been postponed until later in 2021 due to the requirement for the band to meet in person for final recording and mixes to take place.


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