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Politically charged dark rock group London After Midnight has announced the release of Selected Scenes From the End of the World: 9119 on the anniversary of the band’s 1991 debut album, Selected Scenes From the End of the World. The new album is completely remixed from the original masters and also includes previously unreleased material from the original 1991 studio sessions, with the 9119 referring to the year of the original release (’91) and the re-release (’19). Selected Scenes From the End of the World was released on Friday, December 13, 1991, with this new edition to be released on Friday, December 13, 2019 via the band’s own Darkride Records in CD, digital, and 12-inch heavyweight double vinyl formats, available for pre-order via Bandcamp; the vinyl edition will feature the out-of-print cover art from the 1995 German CD version, along with newly published photos, and notes and commentary from London After Midnight founder and front man Sean Brennan.

Furthermore, London After Midnight will be releasing trio of additional albums – Oddities, Too consists of rarities and unreleased material, a complete remix of the project’s second album, Psycho Magnet, and finally, an unnamed album of never-before-heard material. All three records are complete and waiting in the wings for what promises to be a rapid fire series of releases. As the band stated in 1991, “The end of the world is coming!”


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