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Led by front man Medavon DeRaj’e, Milwaukee hell rock act Lockjaw follows up on the 2019 Drowner release with a new EP, titled Reverent. Marking a musical and lyrical reinvention for the band toward more positive themes, the new album steers Lockjaw’s sound more down the darkwave and industrial spectrum, aided in part by mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Vast, Mastodon, Evanescence), and a more diverse set of influences; these shifts in tone are reflected as the band states “Keep On Trying” to have been inspired by the dark post-punk of Bauhaus, while the album also features a cover of The Cars’ 1978 hit “Just What I Needed,” with the opening track “Never Say Never” – not a cover of the Romeo Void track – acting as the EP’s second single. The band is also now managed by WTII Records’ David Schock, who has worked with the band on numerous bookings in the past. With Reverent released on April 2 via Dark Drug Records and available to purchase via Bandcamp, Lockjaw plans to create a series of music videos for the EP’s singles.


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