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Having honed her skills since 1990 as a musician and producer with her late partner Alan Vega, Liz Lamere at last presents her own musical vision with the release of the “Sin” single. With its pumping disco beat and throbbing bass line, the song presents themes of redemption and the search for meaning; inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Lamere explains that “the song is more about not letting the judgment of others, of good and evil, hold you back from fully experiencing life,” preferring to allow listeners to interpret as they will, but to view sin not as an act of evil, but rather as “a glimpse into the dark side of the human condition.” The song marks the third single from Lamere’s forthcoming Keep It Alive debut album, following “Lights Out” and “Freedom’s Last Call,” which were released in March and April of this year, respectively. A video for “Sin” is currently in production and due to appear soon.

Keep It Alive is due for release on May 20 via In The Red Records, with pre-orders available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via the label’s webstore. The album was co-produced and mixed by Jared Artaud, with whom Lamere curates the Vega Vault, honoring the work of her husband, Alan Vega, best known for his work with the pioneering electro-punk outfit Suicide. Vega was also a prominent visual artist and solo performer, with Lamere performing and co-producing alongside; she began writing thoughts and observations following his passing in July of 2016, stating that “Alan always encouraged me to make my music,” deciding to wait until the time was right while focusing on “preserving Alan’s vision and building his legacy.” Recording sessions for Keep It Alive, engineered by her and Alan’s son Dante Vega Lamere, took place during lockdown in a lower Manhattan apartment where Vega constructed light sculptures.



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