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Following shortly after the release of the London electro/punk act’s The Air in Utopia is Poison album, Leg Puppy has unveiled a music video for the track “Turn It Up Keith.” Mastered by co-producer Exire, the song showcases the the band’s collaboration with fellow electro/punk artist Violent Vickie; with her disaffected voice repeating “Turn it up” and “Tell me where to go” atop an insistent and monotonous groove, the song is complemented by the lurid visuals evoking scenes from movies like Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salò.

The video for “Turn It Up Keith” marks the second single from the record, following “Algorithms You’re an Arsehole” (renamed “Algorithms I Hate You” for the video), which featured the guest vocals of Evie Blue. As Leg Puppy’s fifth studio album, The Air in Utopia is Poison was released on August 27 and is now available to purchase in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp. Violent Vickie’s latest release was the Division album, released on September 4, 2020 via Crunch Pod.


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