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After a long hiatus, the original iPunks have returned as Left Spine Down has released on March 23 The LSD Archive, compiling the band’s recorded works into a seven volume collection. Spanning the years between 2002 and 2021, the set marks the reacquisition of the group’s back catalog, now available entirely on Bandcamp – this includes the band’s 2008 debut Fighting For Voltage and its 2009 Voltage 2​.​3: Remixed & Revisited and Smartbomb 2​.​3: The Underground Mixes remix companions, as well as the 2011 follow-up Caution presented in a “2.3” edition featuring Jeremy Inkel’s reference mixes of the album made prior to the final sessions, as well as a two-track live companion. Also included in the collection is the ambient mix of The Fall, and the U Broke It compilation of demos recorded from 2002-2006, much of which previously unreleased. In addition, Left Spine Down has recovered and remastered the performance version of the music video for “From Thirty to Zero” off of Caution, shot and directed by Casey O’Brien in 2012

Hailing originally from Vancouver, Left Spine Down was formed by front man Kaine Delay and guitarist Matt Girvan, with Jeremy Inkel joining on keyboards; noted for a highly energetic brand of punk-infused industrial/rock, the band rose to prominence after the release of the Smartbomb EP in 2007 and the Fighting For Voltage full-length in 2008, both produced and mixed by Front Line Assembly’s Chris Peterson. Inkel and guitarist Jared Slingerland would then go on to join FLA, with Inkel also remaining in LSD, as drummer Galen Waling joined the band for the 2011 Caution follow-up, produced by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie. The band would tour and share the satge with the likes of FLA, Revolting Cocks, Chemlab, 16volt, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, The Soft Moon, and 3TEETH. The band’s future became uncertain following Inkel’s departure in 2016, following by his sudden death in January 2018.
Now rebranded as The LSD, the band is reunited with a new lineup, with more announcements to follow later in the year.


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