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With the Heavy Rain album now released and scoring his first Billboard #1 album ever, pioneering dub artist Lee “Scratch” Perry has unveiled the music video for the track “Here Come the Warm Dreads.” Following in the psychedelic animated style of the previous “Enlightened” video also created by outsider artists Peter Harris and Llys Williams, “Here Come the Warm Dreads” presents Perry in his persona as The Upsetter, a “soldier of the light” battling the dark forces of capitalism and greed. The track sees Perry and co-producer Adrian Sherwood not only creating a radical dub rendition of “Makumba Rock” from the Rainford album, but also collaborating with legendary electronic artist Brian Eno, the song title cheekily referencing his 1973 debut Here Come the Warm Jets. Stating that he had always wanted to work with Eno, with hopes of furhter collaboration in the future, Sherwood explains, “When we approached Brian about working on a track, he didn’t hesitate and said he would happily do something with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. We worked together on a quick dub version of the track and took what was a crazy tune even further out there.” For the track, Eno and Sherwood individually dub mixed the right and left channels, respectively, creating a unique effect that not only exhibits their individual abilities and the musicality of the original recordings, but also the creative synergy between the two eminent producers.

As mentioned, Heavy Rain marks the first time in his 60-year career that Lee “Scratch” Perry has reached the #1 position on the Billboard charts, in the category of Reggae Album Sales; he had previously reached the #8 position in 1990 for the World Music Album Sales chart with his From the Secret Laboratory album. Heavy Rain serves as a dub companion to Rainford, presenting reworks of tracks from that album, along with originals like “Dreams Come True” and “Above and Beyond.” Also appearing on the album is trombonist Vin Gordon, best known for his work on numerous classics including Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Exodus. Rainford was released on May 31, while Heavy Rain followed on December 6; both were released via Adrian Sherwood’s own On-U Sound imprint and are available in CD, digital, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.


In addition, Perry will be performing a series of live dates in the U.K. and Belgium during the early part of 2020; a full listing of dates can be found on the artist’s website.


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