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20 years after the album was leaked in its demo form, Cleopatra Records is now presenting an official release for Dead God from industrial/rock artist SKOLD. This new edition features the album mastered from the original full resolution mixes, with a stark and minimalist art design that ties Tim Sköld’s current visual sensibilities with the “turn of the century digital fury and paranoia” that initially defined the music. Dead God was written and recorded during the years following SKOLD’s self-titled 1996 debut, during which time he participated in KMFDM – appearing on the Symbols (💥☠️💣🌀👊) and Adios albums prior to the band’s dissolution, and then on Attak following the reformation – and the MDFMK project; 2002 also saw Sköld joining shock rock act Marilyn Manson, serving in the band until his departure in 2008, after which he resumed activity in SKOLD. Pre-orders for Dead God in CD and black and white splatter vinyl are now available via Bandcamp, with Cleopatra Records releasing the album on April 15.


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Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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