Nov 2018 01

Leæther Strip and Autoclav1.1 join forces for a new EP
Continuing his long streak of notable side projects and collaborations, Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen has now teamed up with Autoclav1.1’s Tony Young for a new EP. Combining Young’s darkly dreamy blend of rhytmic ambience and post-industrial soundscapes with Larsen’s signature lyrical and vocal melancholy, the five track EP – simply titled Leæther Strip & Autoclav1.1: Commixture – will be available in streaming and downloadable digital formats, as well as a run of numbered CDs limited to 500 copies. Commixture will be released on December 1 via Larsen’s LÆBEL imprint, with pre-orders opening later today via Bandcamp.
Most recently, Leæther Strip had released the World Molæster album in September, dedicated to Larsen’s husband Kurt Grünewald; as well, he has been performing a series of 30th Anniversary tour dates in the U.K. and Europe. Autoclav1.1’s latest album, Makeshift Splint was released via WTII Records in June of this year.


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