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With the fifth studio album currently in production, electro/rock act Celldweller has revealed a snippet of the upcoming single, titled “Into the Void.” In a rare move, the single will be making its premiere by way of Synth Riders, a VR music rhythm game to be made available on the Oculus Quest, Rift, and HTC Vive VR systems on October 31; created by Abraham Aguero of Kluge Interactive, the game draws on his obsession with ’80s music and sound and visual design as Synth Riders takes the player through neon-lit stages with a cyberpunk aesthetic – combining the simple mechanics of a classic game like Space Invaders with musical physicality akin to Dance Dance Revolution. Additionally, the game features 30 playable song levels including various tracks from artists on the FiXT roster, including Circle of Dust, Scandroid, Blue Stahli, Voicians, Raizer, and PRIZM.

“Into the Void” will be released as part of the FiXT Music Pack Vol. 1 playlist on October 31 exclusively on Synth Riders; the song will then subsequently be released on all streaming and download outlets on November 8. It marks the fourth single from the upcoming album, titled Satellites, following “A Matter of Time,” “My Disintegration,” and “Electric Eye,” with all of the tracks demonstrating Celldweller’s return to the heavier, more aggressive blend of alt. rock and edgy electronics after the slower and more atmospheric Offworld album; as ever, the album will continue to showcase Klayton’s love for science fiction visuals and narratives.


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