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Many remember Falkor, the hero Atreyu’s flying companion in the 1984 fantasy classic The NeverEnding Story, as a comforting and dependable presence… so, some might be taken aback by “Babysitter,” the latest music video from TOBACCO. In the video directed by the Pittsburgh experimental electronic project’s founder Tom Fec, the second single from his upcoming Hot Wet & Sassy album depicts the recognizable luck dragon in a threatening, stalker-esque nightmare sequence with “Babysitter” providing a distorted and gritty soundtrack. “This was new for me,” states Fec, “but I wanted to write a song that was everything I am and have been, and then like one notch further.” That notch further came in the form of Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, his voice meshing with Fec’s in an eerie and rather deranged fashion; Reznor had reportedly referred to TOBACCO’s previous outing, 2016’s Sweatbox Dynasty, as “album of the year,” with Fec subsequently touring with Nine Inch Nails. Additionally, the “Babysitter” music video features industrial design from Chris Grondin, whose credits in makeup and special effects include Inception, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and more. “Babysitter” made its premiere on today.

Album CoverHot Wet & Sassy is due for release on Devil’s Night, October 30, via Ghostly International; with pre-orders available via Bandcamp, the album will be released in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette formats. With nihilistic and misanthropic lyrical themes, the album finds Fec purposely bringing his pop sensibilities to the fore in contrast to his previous outing; he states that he wanted to “Write the songs without ripping them in half,” citing influence from the likes of Butthole Surfers, Cyndi Lauper, and of course Trent Reznor. Additionally, in the interim since Sweatbox Dynasty, Fec created the theme song to HBO’s Silicon Valley and released the Malibu Ken collaborative album with Aesop Rock.


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