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Miss FD continues to create music on her own terms, with “Menticide” marking her latest single release; following the As Above, So Below EP released earlier this year, the new single shows the gothic electro artist and producer addressing themes of mental and emotional conditioning, set to a cyberpunk thrust wrought with textures inspired by chiptune and video game atmospheres. As the title is defined as “efforts to destroy the mind or the will of an individual or group of people,” repetitions of “It’s all the same” and “media corruption is the real delinquency” resonate amid fractured 8–bit glitches and pounding EBM beats, Miss FD’s saccharine melodies given an added punch.

Mixed and mastered by Alex Dalliance of Vulture Culture, “Menticide” was released on August 5 via Quantum Release Records and is now available digitally on Bandcamp and all major streaming outlets. As previously mentioned, the single follows February’s As Above, So Below EP, marking the artist’s second release of 2022; Vulture Culture released the Necronom Within EP on January 19.


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