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After collaborating with IAMX and Bullet Height member Sammi Doll on the “Perfect Replacement” single earlier this year, electro/industrial rocker Josie Pace has unveiled a new remix of the track created by the Lord of Lard himself, Raymond Watts of <PIG>. Transforming the original version’s defiant and energy into a darker, more ambient rendition, while still retaining the melodic interplay between Pace and Doll, the <PIG> remix is wrought with all the signatures of Watts’ legendary style – sparse but powerful beats, acerbic synth programming, and roaring guitars.

The <PIG> remix of “Perfect Replacement” marks the second single from Josie Pace in 2020, with more yet to come. As with all of Josie Pace’s material, the single is available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp; the original mix was released on January 25, accompanied by a music video released on January 17.


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