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To say that the world has been in turmoil and upheaval for the past several years would be an understatement, and Motor City electro/industrial rocker Josie Pace is confronting this bitter truth in her latest music video. As the latest single off her IV0X10V5 (“Noxious”) album, “Future” is a distorted and harshly rhythmic anthem for a world coping with existential dread; ” I feel like over the past few years, collectively, we all have gone a little mad,” Pace explains, “We all have been put through a lot and if we don’t get a handle on how we treat ourselves and others, no one will be left after a few years.” The mangled lo-fi visuals match this dystopian outlook, while also offering brief snippets of melodic clarity by which “Future” becomes the artist’s own call to “Be better to each other and to ourselves.”

After building a following through her own independently produced singles and videos, Josie Pace signed with Negative Gain Productions in 2021, releasing the IV0X10V5 album with the prominent electo/industrial imprint on February 4 of this year. Produced and mixed by Ken Roberts and Ryan “Toby” Hyland, and mastered by Howie Weinberg, the album is available to purchase now in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.


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