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Society 1 has proven itself time and time again to not be a band one can keep down for very long, as founder/vocalist Matt Zane has weathered the storms of the music industry, changing lineups, and the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. Continuing a streak of regular updates and video activity, the group has at long last unveiled the latest music video from the long awaited Black Level Six album; directed by Zane and featuring model Krystine Jett, “Bleed You Away” showcases Society 1’s blend of abrasive metal, hard rock, and even punk elements with shrill electronic textures befitting the video’s mechanical sci-fi visuals.

Album Cover“Bleed You Away” marks the first new single from Black Level Six since the May 2018 release of “No Control,” both of whose videos share a similar sci-fi aesthetic and feature Jett. Although the latter track had originally been intended as the first of a two-part story arc, Zane explained in a livestream via social media that “Bleed You Away” can be taken as a sequel or as a standalone video. He also goes on to say of Black Level Six, “We just wanted to make things that were different,” and that “It really is a kind of a hybrid of different types of sound.” A release date for the album has yet to be announced.


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