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The electro/industrial duo of SKYND has clearly never feared controversy as each of the band’s songs revolve around true crimes, serial killers, and other real life cases of depravity and murder. Now, the group has shifted its focus from the perpetrators to the victims and survivors with the new single and music video, “Columbine,” inspired by the infamous school shooting that took place in April 1999; nevertheless, this remains true to SKYND’s intent to make people uncomfortable as the band aims to reflect upon the emotional weight of all school shootings, not just Columbine. “There have been over 1,300 school shootings since 1970 with increasing numbers,” the band points out, “This is something that has been analyzed, researched, and discussed for the past 20 years as it repeats, yet nothing has changed.” SKYND further comments, “Until the lesson is learned, we should repeat the message over and over and over; to be aware and to remind adults to become vigilant in identifying and destigmatizing children who are struggling with mental health issues and that it is too easy for children to have access to unsecured weapons.” As such, the video follows a student in the course of her day leading up to the tragic event, with death trap rapper Bill $Aber joining SKYND on the track.

“Columbine” marks the first new material from SKYND since the Chapter II EP released in July 2019. Since then, the band had been making waves with a series of provocative music videos and live shows; comments in the video for “Columbine” indicate that the song had been performed live by the band with a different chorus and lyrics before culminating in this final released form. The video was conceived with TallyHo!, directed by Pascal Walder and Manolo Zacate.


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