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Since the release of the band’s God.Dis album this past November, LUNA13 has partnered with a different publication for each of the record’s single releases; this time, the band has unveiled the “Sekhmet” single and music video via KnotFest. Directed and shot by Otis Johnson in the band’s home of Joshua Tree, CA, and referencing the titular Egyptian goddess, the video is intended as an homage to “the history of warrior goddesses,” with Lilith Bathory performing among a group of wastelanders using fire and ritualistic dance to invoke Sekhmet. Instrumentalist Dr. Luna further explains the song to be representative of “our style of going from slow doom to thrash in a blink,” LUNA13 having been noted for blending the aggression and visual aesthetics of black metal with deep bass electronica, all without the aid of guitars; he also explains that “Sekhmet” was the first track written for God.Dis, which was released on November 13, 2020 via COP International. Previous singles, “Cursing the Sky” and “Sacrificial Lamb” made their premieres on Outburn and Decibel, espectively.



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