Aug 2019 13

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Electro/industrial act SPANKTHENUN has annouced the release of a new EP, Mind Control, featuring remixes by Leæther Strip and iVardensphere. The EP also includes a new, glitchy interpretation of the live favorite “Spiderbaby,” inspired by the cult film Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Mind Control is the second of three planned EPs leading up to the release of the full-length album Initial Decay Control, following the first Regression Complex EP released in June. A new “unofficial, unauthorized” remix of God Module’s “Last Wish” has also been released exclusively via SPANKTHENUN’s social media, as part of the project’s ongoing series of remixes, videos, and bootlegs released through social media and streaming services for limited time periods. The Mind Control EP was released on July 31 and is now available to purchase via Bandcamp; a music video for iVardensphere’s construct of “Rotting Meat” was released on August 4.



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