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In most cases, when a single member of a band is allowed the opportunity to offer a singular interpretation of the collective’s work, it is done within the parameters of a remix. Such is not the case with Limbus, the debut album from The Ocean’s Peter Voigtmann under his SHRVL moniker; transmuting the guitar-driven and doom-laden post-rock of The Ocean’s Holocene, Limbus sees Voigtmann applying his own distinctly ambient electronic sensibilities to his compositions, which had been “oceanized” by band mate Robin Staps. “He came up with these amazing synth parts that were already sounding huge in pre-production,” Staps explains, clarifying that past recordings had primarily begun with guitar riffs instead of Voigtmann’s synths, “it didn’t take long until we had an inspiring creative exchange that was heading towards totally unforeseen but very exciting places.”
Holocene takes its title from the closing instrumental on The Ocean’s preceding Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic album, referring to the current period in Earth’s geological timeline in which humanity first appeared and began to evolve, concluding the band’s series inspired by paleontology. SHRVL’s Limbus offers the composer’s original and alternative view of the material, free from vocals and guitars, and providing an insight into his own creative mind. Due for release on May 19 via Pelagic Records, Limbus will be included on the Holocene three-disc CD and four-LP vinyl box sets, which includes an additional 10-inch vinyl EP; Holocene is available for digital pre-order via Bandcamp, while CD and vinyl editions can be found on the Pelagic Records website.

Along with the aforementioned Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic, the series also includes 2018’s Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic – available in standard and instrumental editions – and the Phanerozoic Live live companion released in 2021. A video for the album track “Parabiosis” had been released in February of this year.


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Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
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