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Master Boot Record exists in a musical and creative space of its own, with founder Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc., My Sixth Shadow) having crafted the project’s sound through live composition on YouTube. “When I have enough material to bundle an album together, I finish it off and prepare it for release, so it’s a continuous songwriting process,” Love explains, with the newly released Personal Computer acting as the follow-up to 2020’s Floppy Disk Overdrive; adamant that Master Boot Record’s sound not be referred to as synthwave “or whatever new-fangled term is being used,” the new record demonstrates the project’s varied influences, blending seemingly disparate aspects of orchestral, thrash, and 8-bit video game scores. “To put it simply: this is metal done with a synth,” Love clarifies, with the livestreaming offering his audience the opportunity to witness his musical growth as it occurs. Personal Computer was released on Friday, May 13 via Metal Blade Records and is available to purchase on Bandcamp in digital, CD, and vinyl formats – apart from the standard 180g black vinyl, other variants include lime marble and purple marble exclusive to the U.S., and grey and bloody red exclusive to the European market in limited quantities. A video for “80386” was released this past April.



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