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Brian Eno is better known for his explorations of sound and synthesis rather than his singing, although he has in the past been known to drop the occasional helping of melodic poetry. So, fans unaccustomed to the sound of his voice may find much to behold in today’s release of “There Were Bells,” a live video performance marking the first single from his forthcoming ForeverandEverNoMore; co-written with his brother Roger Eno, “There Were Bells” was recorded at the Acropolis in Athens on August 4, 2021 when the city was being ravaged by wildfires on a particularly hot day, with Eno commenting, “Here we are at the birthplace of Western civilization, probably witnessing the end of it.”

Just as the circumstances surrounding the live recording related to the current climate emergency, so too do the themes pervading ForeverandEverNoMore. Eno explains, “Like everybody else – except, apparently, most of the governments of the world – I’ve been thinking about our narrowing, precarious future, and this music grew out of those thoughts. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’ve been feeling about it… and the music grew out of the feelings. Those of us who share those feelings are aware that the world is changing at a super-rapid rate, and that large parts of it are disappearing forever… hence the album title.” With ForeverandEverNoMore, the question is raised if art and emotions can succeed to inspire action where science and facts have seemingly been unable. Eno concludes, “We need to fall in love again, but this time with nature, with civilization, and with our hopes for the future.”
Album CoverForeverandEverNoMore marks Eno’s first album on which he sings on a majority of the tracks since 2005’s Another Day On Earth, with the album due for release on October 14. Pre-orders for the album in digital, CD, and vinyl formats are available now, with the latter appearing in several black and clear vinyl variants. The album features instrumental and vocal contributions from Roger Eno, Darla Eno, Cecily Eno, Leo Abrahams, Peter Chilvers, Kuoko Inatome, Jon Hopkins, Marina Moore, and Clodagh Simonds


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