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The 2001 release of Assemblage 23’s Failure proved to be a benchmark for the underground electronic music scene, full of the melodicism that adorned the then burgeoning futurepop sound with the aggressive beats and searing arrangements of classic electro/EBM. Now, the album is being celebrated with a new 20th anniversary edition, presented in a deluxe collection that features the original album’s 10 tracks newly remixed by A23 founder Tom Shear; as well, the new release features a second disc of remixes conducted by the likes of Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect), Interface, Mari Kattman (Helix, Mari & The Ghost), Rotersand, Clan of Xymox, Suicide Commando, and Patrick Codenys (Front 242, Male or Female). The 20th anniversary edition of Failure will be released on September 17 on CD in limited quantities via Accession Records, while digital pre-orders are now available via Metropolis Records.


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