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Album CoverWith 2020 marking the Slovenian avant-garde industrial group’s 40th anniversary, Laibach revealed on March 27 the digital release Revisited. Renowned for covering and reinterpreting the work of others, often revealing lyrical and thematic ambiguities and sociopolitical subtexts in pop music, Revisited sees the group turning to its own past with new renditions of some of Laibach’s early material from the first half of the ’80s; among the tracks featured are new versions of “Država” (“The State”), “Mi Kujemo Bodočnost!” (“We Are Forging the Future!”), and “Brat Moj” (“Brother of Mine”) from the 1985 debut, and “Ti, Ki Izzivaš” (“You, who are challenging”), “Vier Personen” (“Four Persons”), and “Krvava Gruda – Plodna Zemlja” (“Bloody Ground – Fertile Land”) from 1986’s Nova Akropola, as well as one of Laibach’s best known early tracks “Smrt Za Smrt” (“Death For Death”). Revisited also includes a pair of live recordings from the band’s recent tours, with the live version of “Smrt Za Smrt” featuring the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, and “Ti, Ki Izzivaš” with the Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra; a video of the latter track edited by Tomislav Gangl and comprised of footage from performances in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana on December 8 and 9, 2017 was released on April 14.

Album CoverIn addition, Laibach has released a new box set that includes Revisited alongside a remastered and expanded edition of the 1985 debut, as well as Underground, a live document of the band’s 2012 concert performance in the Velenje Coal Mines of Slovenia, 200 meters below the Earth’s surface. Available in five-LP vinyl and 3-CD editions, the Laibach Revisited box set also includes a numbered metal badge with the original symbol, download card, and the 160-page Terror of History book of artwork and text chronicling Laibach’s legacy, while the vinyl box includesa double-sided poster with portraits of the group’s various members and collaborators. The Laibach Revisited box set is available via the band’s webstore, while digital editions of Revisited are available via all major outlets.


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