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By the time the Liverpool electro-pop act released its second album in 2002, Ladytron was already being heralded by critics and audiences alike as one of the U.K.’s most exciting genre acts; Light & Magic went on to solidify the band’s praises on the strength of such singles as “Seventeen” and “Blue Jeans.” Now, the band is celebrating the record’s twentieth anniversary with the release of material recorded during the sessions, with the first taste being a previously unreleased video for the album’s title track, “Light & Magic,” which made its premiere with Under the Radar on August 22. “When we released Light & Magic, it was expected that the title track would be a later single, and would therefore need a video clip of its own,” Ladytron explains, “But we were on the road and didn’t know how it would be done.” Utilizing slide film and assembled in a mélange of light, shadow, and “undefinable magic,” the band describes the effect as “like a 1970s science fiction title sequence – Sapphire and Steel, or something like that.”

Even after two decades, Light & Magic is finding renewed vigor as “Seventeen” has been appearing in TikTok videos and radio shows, most notably The Weeknd’s Momento Mori; furthermore, the album has been reassessed by several publications noting its continued presence in nightclubs and its influence on the later works of pop stars like Lady Gaga. With September 17, 2002 marking the record’s original U.S. release on Emperor Norton Records, Ladytron promises to reveal further previously unseen and unheard material until the anniversary date of September 17, 2022, at which point, Light & Magic 20 will see its release. The band’s lineup has remained consistent since its inception, comprised of Helen Marnie, Mira Aroyo, Daniel Hunt, and Reuben Wu, with 2019’s self-titled album being Ladytron’s most recent offering of new material.


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