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Through the blackened industrial/metal of Dawn of Ashes to the darkly oppressive soundscapes of Void Stasis, Kristof Bathory has demonstrated a keen taste for dystopia, which now manifests in his debut as a solo artist. Weaving a cinematic tale of four androids imprisoned on an arid desert world, Humanoid Dystopia was written utilizing primarily analog synthesizers; produced and mixed by Bathory, the album also containing a 14-page booklet co-written with Alistair Rennie and designed by Simon Heath for an immersive audiovisual presentation. The Blade Runner-inspired narrative follows the four Praxis 8 model androids, created by the Tyrone Syndicate to be “more than human,” each with enhanced skills, intellect, and the capacity for emotion; “They rebelled against their owners. They refused to obey. They absconded, taking refuge in the shadowed nooks of the urban sprawl.” Humanoid Dystopia was released on Monday, October 24 via Cryo Chamber, and is now available on Bandcamp in digital and CD formats.


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