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After the release of the band’s 21st album, PARADISE, in September 2019, KMFDM began hinting at a new collection of dub/reggae interpretations of longtime favorites, titled IN DUB. Now, “to give a glimmer of ‘Light’ in these dark times,” founder and front man Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko has unveiled via SoundCloud “DUB LIGHT.” Utilizing elements from the original recording released in 1993 and the newer version that appeared on the 2016 ROCKS collection, the track replaces the virulent industrial/rock energy of the original with bouncy dub rhythms and smooth bass grooves, vocalist Lucia Cifarelli’s chants of “What you do for me, so good for me / what we do for you, so good for you” resonating with the defiant and communal spirit that has driven the Ultra Heavy Beat for 36 years.

No release date has yet been announced for IN DUB, although several other titles from the album had been teased out by Konietzko this past December – among them were “A Dub Against War,” “SupaDub,” “Hau Dub,” and “Dub Ass In Kontrol.” Additional information will be relayed as it becomes available.
Earlier this month, KMFDM announced that 50% of the profits for the sale of a new T-shirt would go toward RIP Medical Debt, an organization devoted to the forgiveness of oppressive medical debts for individuals, families, and veterans in America. The last run of pre-orders are available now on the KMFDM Fulfillment Merch webstore, to be printed and shipped approximately the first week of April, “or whenever everyone can get out of quarantine and BACK TO WORK!”
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KMFDM celebrated its 36th birthday this past February 29, 2020.


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