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Kat Von D has firmly established herself as a renowned tattoo artist, author, and etnrepreneur, and is steadily making her mark in the world of music with her long gestating Love Made Me Do It debut looming on the horizon. Released on July 16, “Enough” marks the album’s third single, a melodic darkwave exploration of unhealthy relationships, co-written with Chris Brenner, who had originally developed the song with Danny Lohner (ex-Nine Inch Nails, Renholder); “They’d actually worked on the song together, but they’d never done anything with it,” Von D explains, clarifying that it’s one of two songs on the album she didn’t write and that “It attests to our willingness to stay in shitty relationships.” A lyric video for “Enough” was released, drenched in dark synthwave and ’80s-inspired simplicity, with the single available digitally on Apple Music and Spotify.

Classically trained in piano from a young age, and having studied voice extensively under Ken Tamplin (cousin to Sammy Hagar, and a successful vocal coach and Christian rock artist), Von D recorded an original mix of what would become Love Made Me Do It in London in 2014; she continued working on it with a band comprised of keyboardists Gregg “Mr. Pharmacist” Foreman (Cat Power, The Gossip) and Sammi Doll (IAMX), drummer Dave Parley (Prayers), and contortionist Brynn Route. Having appeared on Dark All Day from London synthwave act Gunship, that band’s Dan Haigh assumed mixing duties for the album, with lyrical themes stemming from what Von D calls “all my hopeless romantic thoughts poured into one album.” Other guest performers on the record include the gothfather himself, Peter Murphy on the track “Protected,” as well as appearances by the aforementioned Lohner, Dave Grohl, Linda Perry, Robert Harvey, Charo, Dave Sitek, and more.
“Enough” was preceded by the “I Am Nothing” and “Exorcism” singles, with Love Made Me Do It due for release on August 27; pre-orders for the album in digital, CD, cassette, and vinyl formats are available via her webstore – cassettes and CD digipacks, as well as the red vinyl variant autographed by Von D, are in limited quantities.



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