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KMFDM released its 21st album, PARADISE, on September 27, proving that the band remains a virulent and vibrant force in modern music 35 years after its inception; blending elements of industrial, metal, funk, hip-hop, and dub into a singular sound that can only be desribed as pure Ultra Heavy Beat. Now, KMFDM founder and front man Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko has teased via social media that a new remix project is in the works, titled IN DUB; with track titles like “A Dub Against War,” “SupaDub,” “Hau Dub,” and “Dub Ass In Kontrol,” fans can expect an album of dub/reggae interpretations of longtime KMFDM favorites, hearkening back not only to the band’s earliest experiments with the style on such albums as UAIOE and NAÏVE, but also to PARADISE as songs like the title track and the closing “No God” have been popular among fans for their heavy dose of dub influence. Konietzko discussed these influences with ReGen in our recent InterView leading up to the release of PARADISE. No further details are available at this time, but it has also been hinted that plans for KMFDM to conduct a North American tour in summer 2020 are in the works.
PARADISE is available in CD and digital formats via Bandcamp, with the Metropolis webstore and the KMFDM webstore featuring standard and deluxe 2-LP vinyl editions.


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