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Wednesday, November 1 saw the release of Burner, the full-length debut album from Finnish industrial/metal act Bunsen. With its themes revolving around the “the unvarnished realities and persistent hardships of life,” the album was recorded over a two year period, and released via Kaos Kontrol in digital and CD formats, available now on Bandcamp; drawing from a wide range of influences, Bunsen states that Burner is not an attempt to reinvent the industrial/metal genres, but rather to acknowledge roots and exemplify “the enduring relevance of these sounds in the contemporary music landscape.” Some of these influences were indicated on the artist’s 2021 Antiface EP, primarily bands from the late ’80s Birmingham scene like Pitch Shifter, Cable Regime, Sweet Tooth, Head of David, and of course Godflesh. “Lifesucker” and “Kyanos” were originally released on Bunsen’s Lazarean Section single in September of 2021.


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