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Kælan Mikla double-premiere's Blair Witch inspired music video
For the latest music video off the Icelandic electro/post-punk trio’s latest album, Kælan Mikla is giving title track “Nótt Eftir Nótt” a double-premiere via horror publication Rue Morgue in the Americas and Post-Punk in Europe. With the band stating the album to be “partly an expression of home sickness” as a result of years of touring and living abroad, the video for “Nótt Eftir Nótt” presents a narrative “stuck between a nightmare and reality,” with themes revolving around the secrets and shadows that lurk in the night; with visuals inspired by horror film The Blair Witch Project, the video was directed by Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir, with editing by Ágúst Ari Þórisson, and cinematography by Birta Rán Björgvinsdóttir.

“Nótt Eftir Nótt” also features a guest performance by BangGang’s Barði Jóhannsson on guitar; of the collaboration, Jóhannsson omments, “As a vampire I also come from a similar universe. We come from 20 hours of darkness and hide when there is light. My goth roots are embraced to the fullest when working with those pure talents.” Released via Artoffact Records on November 9, 2018, Nótt Eftir Nótt was selected by Post-Punk as the publication’s album of the year for 2018.

Currently, Kælan Mikla is gearing up for a European tour, beginning on May 9 in Prague, Czech Republic, with futrher dates in Greece, Russia, Lithuania, France, and an appearance in Leipzig, Germany at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen. Other festivals on the tour include Diaghilev, Arctic Arts, Santarcangelo, the Ascension Festival in the band’s home of Reykjavik, Iceland, InFest in the U.K., and the Blowup Vol. 5 Festival in Helsinki, Finland in October. Additionally, Kælan Mikla will be performing a series of festival dates in the U.S.A., including A Murder of Crows in New York, and this year’s ColdWaves events in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. A full listing of live dates can be found on Kælan Mikla’s website.


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