Nov 2020 13

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Today, November 13 marks the release of Terminus, the new full-length album from Justin K. Broadrick’s ambient metal and shoegaze project Jesu. Created over the course of four years, the record was preceded by the “Alone” single and music video in October and the “When I Was Small” single in September; although Jesu has continued to release several EPs and singles, with the latest being the Never EP this past July, Terminus is the first full album since 2013’s Everyday I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came, after which point Broadrick focused primarily on Godflesh and JK Flesh. The record features regular Broadrick collaborator Ted Parsons performing drums on three tracks, recorded by Mark Steiner at Stagger Home Studios in Oslo, Norway, with Broadrick producing the album on his own at his U.K. Avalanche Recordings. Terminus is available digitally via Bandcamp, with 20 signed test pressings to be the only physical copies available via Broadrick’s webstore.



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