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From the Austalian outback to the streets of Berlin, Joshua Murphy’s creative path has to some degree mirrored that of Nick Cave’s; however, unlike his renowned countryman, with his Lowlands debut EP, Murphy’s inspiration is distinctly centered on his homeland, drawing on the isolation and desolation of the outback – qualities that were also intrinsic to western funeral music, from which the artist also took influence. Working with producer Martin J. Fiedler, Murphy wrote the four songs on Lowlands in Berlin during the lockdowns, his multi-instrumental approach and arrangements taking heavily from funeral music’s ability to “encapsulate or represent the life of a person, and also the end of their life.” As well, he comments that “I see it as a hopeful release,” explaining that despite the sadness and dark tones, “the arrangements lend themselves to beauty.” Furthermore, he and the producer restricted the performances to a core of five instrumental elements to maintain focus on raw storytelling, as well as to allow for reinterpretation and a more fluid presentation in the live setting. The Lowlands EP is due for release via the Berlin-based aufnahme + wiedergabe label on December 2, with digital pre-orders now available on Bandcamp, and plans for a vinyl edition to arrive at a later date. Prior to Lowlands, Murphy released the A-UN album on July 8 under the name of Total Temporary, a mixed multiemedia collaboration with Hiroyasu Tsuri and Christiania Krueger.


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