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Concurrent with the July 15 release of the darkwave duo latest EP, Jonathan|Christian has unveiled a music video for the opening track, “My Dying Words.” Featuring 45 Grave drummer Tom Coyne, the song presents what vocalist/co-writer Christian Granquist refers to as “the sense I saw with people returning from the near-death experiences of COVID, and of course, my own COVID hospitalization.” Similarly, the song ties into the Together We’re Alone EP’s metaphorical themes of loneliness, death, and isolation – subjects Jonathan|Christian have long addressed, but that have taken greater significance in the wake of the global crisis. Citing the title track as an example, a song written as “the love story that wasn’t” about two people living in close proximity yet unaware and oblivious that they were meant to be together, Christian goes on to explain that the EP asks if loneliness is “self-chosen by a chosen few, and possibly on top of the Maslow ladder? Or is it the other way around?”

The Together We’re Alone EP and the “My Dying Words” video were released on July 15, marking the pair’s first release as Jonathan|Christian since the “Every Day It Rains” single this past September; prior to that, the band last released the Dark Hallways album in May of 2019, with co-founder Jonathan Mooney subsequently releasing a cover of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” with his side project The Funhouse Collective. With cover artwork by Vlad McNeally (PIG, Matt Hart, Be My Enemy), Together We’re Alone also features guest apperances by Italian singer Elisa Mammoliti, Adrian Auchrome (The Funhouse Collective, Machinery of Desire), and the aforementioned Tom Coyne.


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